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Creating & Growing Together

As a team, we are committed to overcoming challenges together. It is at our core to grow stronger as a result while staying humble and open to new ideas during the process. 


Meet the JERY team


Hannes Maurer

My Personal goal is to make technology accessible, approachable and therefore usable for people.


Frederic Myers

I am deeply passionate about our work at JERY - solving real problems with the ingenuity of entrepreneurship.

design Consultant

Michael Müller

As a designer I always want to create the perfect balance between a functional and appealing aesthetics.

Product Designer

Christoph Meyer

The best products you own for life. Enduring and sustainable products are at the core of my profession.

Ux Researcher

Ieva Cerniauskaite

Design serves people, hence designers have a responsibility to expand their impact on society as a whole.

UX Designer

Nils Eller

My dream is to build tools for the heart and the mind, to advance humankind.

JERY is a strategic design
agency, solving problems
together with its clients
JERY is a team of young,
dedicated creatives
Meet the team
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We would love to work on your challenge.

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